MINK, representing Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas, is a grass roots regional economic development group. It is open to those interested in enhancing economic development along the Missouri River Corridor in this four state area. 
Our Mission
MINK Missouri River Corridor, Inc. works as a multi-state collaboration to leverage resources and spark new investments to support growth and opportunity for rural communities in the areas of housing, entrepreneurship, transportation and tourism to reverse the downward economic and demographic trends.
Our Vision
Our vision for the multi-state corridor is where MINK's effective collaboration is fully utilizing its regional assets, expanding growth opportunities and creating vibrant economies for its communities and residents.
Values Statements
We value decision making through consensus based on facts in order to achieve the highest potential for positive impacts, so we will work in a fair and transparent manner and be diligent to provide timely information, opportunities for open interaction, and effective reporting mechanisms.

We value unity and support for common goals that are in the best interest of all the communities within the corridor so we will be guided by our common vision and mission and ask ourselves if activities are inclusive and equitable for the majority.

We value respect as we work with one another as a board, staff and volunteers and pledge to value input and be sensitive to the diversity of traditions, cultures and experiences within the corridor.

We value the wise use of resources and will work in the most efficient manner possible with external partners to maximize impacts and outcomes.

We value optimism and humor in this very difficult work we do so we will ensure that there is transparency and communication flows freely to reduce unintended tension of misconceptions.